Why was this project created?

Oddas Aria created this project to replace some of the manual counting of sims they were doing on a regular basis and it grew from there. Originally a set of spreadsheet it grew to this outline tool and was eventually asked to roll it out to the fleet.

Why are we using it across the fleet?

In the past Google Groups was used to report various statistics to the fleet as a whole, including the number of sims each ship produced, how well a particular writer has performed over time, and so on. These numbers have proven inaccurate in the past and Google has made it clear those numbers will not be made available in the future.

What work is needed by the Ship Staff?

Each ship must maintain their ship rosters within the tool. A special email address must be added to the ship's Google Group in order to receive and count the sims.

Can sims be deleted from the system?

Yes, a sim can be delete from the system by admins. Next to each sim a delete button will appear and will allow the user to delete a sim.

If the system identifies the wrong author, say for a Joint Post, can it be changed?

Absolutely! Just use the edit (pencil) button next to the author for the sim you want to change.

How do I delete a date from the Date Joined and Date Left field in Chrome?

Chrome is missing the 'X' in the Date field widgets. To clear the field, simply put click the field and press 'delete' on your keyboard.